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Private_Eye_Butler_Spy 2022

Design for an exhibition about digitalisation and changing influence of technology on everyday life for ARCAM in Amsterdam. 


Conscious of the material waste in exhibition industry, we wanted to reuse materials a chose e-waste to fit the theme. 

Seeing that e-waste is not a usual building component, we run a weekend workshop with a group of young designers Impromptu to experiment and find ways of repurposing technological waste for walls and plinths for the exhibition.

The result was a series of prototypes that can display a variety of artistic media whilst exposing the physical remnants of digitalisation. It was an exploration into new aesthetic and structural meanings for obsolete technological objects that have been removed from their original contexts.

We sourced materials by collaborating with a variety of companies in the region: server refurbishment company iuppiter in Rotterdam, industrial residual waste store Scrap in Rotterdam, a school Coornhert Gymnasium in Gouda and a garlic distribution company in Ridderkerk.

The final design made out of obsolete servers, server cupboards and bright, coloured acrylic evokes technological theme of the exhibition whilst complimenting the steel and glass interior of the iconic building designed by René van Zuuk. In contrast, delicate, sheer fabric is used to create wall surfaces and block out river view to focus visitor’s attention on the content.


-> ARCAM Architecture Centre Amsterdam



-> Amsterdam, Netherlands



-> Indira van ‘t Klooster, Anne Vera Veen, Finn van Tol

impromptu collective

-> Allard Meijer, Andreea Pirvan, Clara Beckers, Diana Dungyova, Hadrien Cassan, Hanna Rudner, Hannah Sheerin, Jesse Verdoes, Kaj Boonstra, Kat Bruh, Kim Sinnige, Pascal Henle, Pepijn Determann, Ron Barten


-> Dyan Teepe, Gido Cuppens, Clara Beckers, Hadrien Cassan, Emilie Tesch

floor signage design

-> Hadrien Cassan


photo credits

-> Patrice Winfield, Sanne Couprie, Jesse Verdoes, Hanna Rudner

video credit

-> Patrice Winfield

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