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NO-STOP OFFICE is a film made in collaboration with Allard Meijer during DATAPOLIS design studio at TU Delft


In the past three years, the working and studying population of the world had to adapt to the governmental isolation requirements by embracing technology on an unprecedented scale. The working condition during Corona epitomises wider trends in labour that have already been happening, but it accelerates them. No-Stop Office is a representation of the city and its spaces of cognitive labour, if the city was pushed to the limit of capitalist processes. It is not a proposal for an alternative, it’s not a utopia, it’s not a dystopia. Instead, it gives a spatial and architectural description to the existing indeterminate working condition. It is done by describing two extreme, opposing states: that of No-Stop Office and Stop Office.

NO-STOP OFFICE was exhibited at ARCAM in Amsterdam as part of Private_Eye_Butler_Spy exhibition and featured in Artist Talk during Dag van de Architectuur Amsterdam.

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