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JVB Expo 2021

JVB Expo was an exhibition about co-living at the Jacoba van Beierenlaan (Krakeelhof) student housing complex in Delft, Netherlands.
In light of the pandemic, the exhibition was made fully outdoors for a duration of a month on the basketball field of the JVB complex. 

We used rented construction fences as the primary building material because they: could be easily assembled with our limited volunteer team; were waterproof, were affordable and could be returned after use leaving little waste behind. 

The design challenge was ‘how to make a fence not look like a fence but an exhibition?’. The resulting playful landscape of stacked and flipped fences makes people experience them in an unexpected way (one even as a BBQ). They are arranged to frame critical views to reveal aspects of the existing building and the inhabiting community to the visitors.

At the end, fences were returned to the construction company and the remaining materials were taken by a local Reggae festival organizer to be used for events. 


-> self-initiated in collaboration with residents, student volunteers, international architecture students, DUWO Housing Association and Project Together



-> Delft, Netherlands


-> EFL Stichting and TU Delft FAST Funds 



-> Hanna Rudner


photo credits

-> Stijn Boermans, Hanna Rudner

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